Why Document Templates Can Put Your Estate Planning Practice at Risk

As an estate planning attorney, it's crucial to provide your clients with the latest and most accurate legal documents. Unfortunately, using outdated templates might put your clients at risk and harm your practice. In this blog post, we'll dive into why relying on old templates can be disastrous for your estate planning practice and discuss how to avoid it.

Legal Requirements

One of the main reasons to avoid outdated document templates is that laws and regulations for estate planning are always changing. This means using an old template might not meet the latest legal requirements, risking your client's assets. Keeping your templates up to date is a good start, but the best way is to use estate planning software like Estate Guru. Our attorney-backed software creates custom documents for each client to ensure every document is legally sound.


Outdated document templates may also have inaccuracies regarding the client’s information, assets, or preferences. This could lead to incorrect or incomplete documents that won't hold up in court if challenged. So, it's important to make sure you have accurate and up-to-date information for your client and adjust the document template accordingly. An easy way to ensure you have the most current information from your clients is to use software to streamline the process. With tech like Estate Guru, you can even share a link with your clients to update their information at any time, so keeping plans up to date becomes easier than ever.

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Using outdated document templates can also put you in legal trouble if something goes wrong. If a client's assets aren't properly protected due to an error or omission in the document, they could potentially sue your practice. By ditching the reliance on outdated templates, you can lower the risk and not only protect but also streamline your practice.


Outdated document templates can really damage your practice's reputation. When clients sense that their estate planning isn't thorough or accurate, they might hesitate to refer your services. If you instill trust in your service by providing customized documents for each client, you can build a positive reputation that attracts new business for years to come.

Outdated document templates can seriously harm your estate planning practice. By not keeping up with changing laws and regulations, you risk providing inaccurate documents that put your client's assets at risk. Plus, using old templates can open you up to liability and damage your practice's reputation. But here's the good news: you can easily avoid this problem by using estate planning software like Estate Guru. This way, each plan is personalized and legally sound, ensuring the protection of your practice and the satisfaction of your clients. So why settle for old templates when you can provide exceptional service and build a positive reputation that attracts new business?

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