Build relationships
that last generations.

Scalable estate planning solutions for institutions.


Minimize Generational Asset Flight

Through the Estate Guru platform you can retain and expand essential client relationships and assets.

Industry-compliant Collaboration

We collaborate with expert attorneys - without legal crossover - while maintaining industry compliance.

White Labeling

With our white labeling services, the client experience feels fully in-house.


Our platform will effortlessly integrate with your current company processes and softwares.

Customize to Your Core Products

Estate Guru enables our customers to embed their core products within our platform for maximum lead generation and conversion.

for Scale

Our platform can scale across your customer segments and needs.

Who we work with

How it works:

Turn-key estate planning solution for the mass affluent...and the others too!

Deepen client relationships with your core products

Connect with the next generation

I have been using Estate Guru for a few months now. I believe that by helping my clients finally get their plans in place, I am creating a relationship with my clients that will last a lifetime. I am a raging fan!

Darin B.

Financial Advisor

Our Process

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