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Smart, attorney-connected software built for
advisors, attorneys, and institutions.

Access to real attorneys and
legally sound documents

Each plan is assigned to a real attorney for review and approval within the platform—so now you can keep everything in-house.
Increase AUM
Get a full picture of your client's finances so you can capture more AUM and grow your practice.
Build generational clients
Easily connect with the next generation of clients with a quick link to beneficiaries and others named in the plan.
Provide tailored estate plans
Cater to each client with estate plans tailored to their specific needs. No more one-size-fits-all document templates.

Made by the experts, so 
you don’t have to be one

Setup is easy
Create, share, maintain, and settle estates all in one place
Deliver legally sound documents backed by our nationwide attorney network
Generate leads, expand your services, and grow your practice

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William R. — Financial Advisor
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