Why Should You Have An Estate Plan?

At Estate Guru, we work with your financial advisor to provide you with a comprehensive estate plan using our state of the art software and our network of estate planning attorneys.

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Why Now?

Why Now? It's not always easy to talk about estate planning, but it is vital. Not just for financial and emotional peace of mind, but because protecting your family is the ultimate gift. Don't leave these important decisions to a probate court. Don't put this off another day!

7 Reasons To Have an Estate Plan

  1. None of us know what tomorrow will bring
  2. Identify who oversees your finances if you’re sick or disabled
  3. Identify who makes medical decisions for you if you’re sick or disabled
  4. Ensures your wishes are fulfilled after death
  5. Minimizes and/or eliminates the costly and time consuming probate process
  6. Establishes guardianship for minor children
  7. Provides peace of mind and reduces stress on your family

Our Process





Estate Guru is the smarter choice...why?

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Working with an estate planning attorney has never been simpler. An attorney is assigned to your file to ensure additional needs and complexities can be ironed out based on your needs.

Tailored Documents

We are built to accommodate you and your family, which means we aren’t just a form. We connect you with an attorney who reviews your unique scenario and creates tailored documents. Learn more about Trusts and Wills.

Living Estate

Our estate plans are easy to maintain and update throughout every life stage.

Savings From
Traditional Lawyer Fees

We save you money by utilizing our software, along with our network of estate planning attorneys to complete your estate plan.

What You Can Expect

On our appointment:

  • We will do a quick intake that allows our attorneys to make a recommendation of either a will or a revocable trust
  • We work together to complete the estate plan in our software - naming beneficiaries, guardians, etc.
  • The software will generate the attorney approved documents and then you take care of payment with a credit or debit card
  • We will then print and ship your documents in a 3-ring binder
  • You will receive next step instructions on signing and executing your documents