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Our Mission

To empower our customers to grow their business by cultivating stable and generational relationships with clients using best-in-market tools that are reliable, compliant and easy-to-use.

Our Vision

To provide access to quality legal and financial services in order to create generational financial stability for the average American family.

Our Story

After helping thousands of clients navigate the estate planning process, we knew there had to be a simpler, smarter way to help people prepare for the future. Our goal was to reimagine an age-old process by bringing it into the 21st century.

So we assembled the best team we could find - visionaries, techies, programmers, digital media marketers, attorneys, and financial planners -- to create an innovative estate planning platform: Estate Guru.

Our compliant, industry-minded software allows financial advisors to connect with an attorney to create and manage estate plans that fit every client need without breaking the bank. Estate Guru is build on over four decades of experience in the estate planning and financial planning industries, paving the way for our team to bring estate planning to the next level: no cheap boilerplate documents, no DIY document engines, no inefficient meetings with attorneys, and no monthly membership fees.

Welcome to industry-minded estate planning by financial advisors for financial advisors. We prove there's a different, smarter way to build your business and help your clients secure their own and their loved ones' future.

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