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The estate planning
process, digitalized.

Our platform features a smart, algorithm-based solution that allows the advisor to participate in the estate planning process while working with a qualified attorney. Whether your clients need to create, share or store their documents, monitor their ongoing needs or settle their estate, our user-friendly platform eliminates the friction that keeps your clients from getting their estate plan in place. In other words, we make it easy.

Legal collaboration,
not competition.

By eliminating friction points along the way, you have access to a collaborative relationship with attorneys, which means you can say goodbye to scheduling conflicts, billable hours and friction fraught relationships. Plus, we can work wherever you have clients.


Through our platform, we've made it easy for advisors to connect with their clients' heirs and expand their client base.

client needs.

Our easy-to-use software guides you and your clients through an in-depth questionnaire to ensure that all of their heirs and assets are accounted for.

Personalized plans.

Our platform curates personalized estate plans to meet your clients' needs through each life stage. Every plan can accommodate blended families, specific bequests, sub-trusts, age- and behavior-based distributions and much more.

I have been using Estate Guru for a few months now. I believe that by helping my clients finally get their plans in place, I am creating a relationship with my clients that will last a lifetime. I am a raging fan!

Darin B.

Financial Advisor


Find out how Estate Guru can help deepen client relationships to last generations.


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