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Estate Planning 101

What is an estate plan?
Estate planning is the systematic process of anticipating and arranging for the management and disposal of one’s assets. However, estate planning isn't truly about things. It's about people. At the heart of estate planning, people aren't as concerned about what happens to their assets. They are more concerned about what will happen to their family.
Why is having an estate plan so important?
Even if you do nothing, you have an estate plan -- just not a very good one. According to one author, over half of the adult population has opted for this approach and done nothing. By not creating your own plan, you simply force the legal system to distribute your wealth. Every state has statutes on how to distribute property when a person dies “intestate”, meaning without a will. So rather than you declaring who gets what, the state will dictate that.
What is probate and why is it "bad"?
When assets are not protected by a Trust, an estate goes through probate. Probate is a public court proceeding where all of your assets are made public. During probate, your probatable assets are frozen and cannot be accessed by your family or beneficiaries. It is time consuming, taking months and sometimes years to settle your estate and release your assets to your family.


What are the benefits of becoming an advisor with Estate Guru?
As an advisor, you have access to our estate planning software and nationwide network of estate planning attorney. You can offer your clients high quality, custom estate plans at a fraction of the cost of working with an attorney.
What type of estate plans do you offer?
Depending on your client's circumstances, our attorney will recommend a Revocable Living Trust, or a Last Will and Testament. All estate plans include both Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney.
Can I add a fee for my time and role in the process?
Yes! Most of our advisor do. You decide how much you want to charge and how and when you want to collect it.


How will offering estate planning help our company?
Offering a simple, affordable estate planning solution retains clients, provides valuable data and insights, and helps minimize generational asset flight.
Can we white label the Estate Guru software?
Absolutely! Build your brand recognition by offering a streamlined experience for your clients.

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